Ambition in the Demon Army is the third episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the fifteenth overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

Short Summary Edit

The child who contacted Ferid Bathory in the previous episode sends a letter via messenger pigeon to Aoi Sangu, who passes it on to Kureto. Shinoa Squad meets, and Kureto Hiragi and Guren Ichinose do the same. Kureto announces his plan to attack and wipe out ten noble vampires in Nagoya before the vampires bring their main army down on Japan in one month.

Shinoa reveals that Yu tried to kill her during the battle in Shinjuku, and the squad considers whether to keep following Guren or not. Eventually, they decide to follow him and make their policy to protect their family.

Meanwhile, Mika attacks Krul for her blood. Once he calms down, she reveals her plans to him and gives him a secret mission.

Shinoa briefs Guren on her squad's success in training, and he gives her new orders. Mika meets with other vampires to head to Nagoya, and Kureto orders potentially lethal experimentation on Mirai Kimizuki.

Long Summary Edit

Differences with the Manga Edit

Manga Anime
Not shown. The child spy Kureto sent to get information in Sanguinem is shown sending a letter to Aoi Sangu, who then passes it to Kureto.
Yu tries to fix his hair in the hallway. All of the Shinoa Squad boys lives in the same apartment building. Kimizuki and Yu are neighbors, and Yoichi lives a couple of doors down. Yu tries to adjust his hair by looking at his reflection in glass doors just inside Shinoa's apartment building.
Does not occur. Yoichi makes a comment about the food being okay since two girls are cooking.
Shinoa opens up the meeting by praising Kimizuki's cooking and housekeeping skills before announcing that he is gay, much to everyone's shock. Kimizuki tells her to quit making up lies. She opens the serious discussion after that but says they should continue to judge Kimizuki's cooking. Not shown. Kimizuki sits at the table with the squad before Shinoa opens up the meeting.
Shinoa and Mitsuba are stabbed with speech bubbles through comments on their ability to set an omelet on fire. They are stabbed with metaphorical forks.
The vampire prisoners wear different clothing, and they are locked within high steal walls with barbed wires. Kureto has them killed by sword. The vampire prisoners are chained up outside the city and have intense sunlight beating down on them. Kureto has them shot.
No rain. It begins raining while Kureto and Guren talk.
Guren specifically asks if Sayuri, Shigure, or another one of his aides will be tortured this time. When Kureto says he did not prepare anyone this time, Guren calls him lazy. Kureto says he is busy rebuilding Shinjuku after the vampire attack. Kureto eventually he explains that he knows where each of the vampire nobles in Japan are by training several children as spies and sending them to vampire cities. He says that vampires treat humans as brainless livestock and do not remember their faces or names. Guren does not specifically mention anyone. The remarks are not shown. Kureto does not discuss his spies.
Not focused on. Many birds are shown and focused on.
Kureto has a childish and charming smile when he announces his aim to take over the world, and even Guren feels a momentary urge to support him. Mahiru appears and reminds Guren that he is already following her. She does not say anything more, and Guren shows no reaction to her. Guren states that he is already following Kureto. The smile is not shown, and Guren does not react as much. Mahiru does not appear until after Kureto leaves, and she says she will help Guren achieve his goals. She says different things than in the manga. He appears disturbed by her.
Kureto is not shown giving Guren written orders Kureto gives Guren a directive note.
Yu and Shinoa do not leave in the middle of the meeting with his squad. Yu and Shinoa met before their match against Guren and wear their uniforms. Yu explains he is looking west because Mika should be in that direction since Sanguinem is under Kyoto. He convinces Shinoa to help him rescue Mika. When he takes Shinoa's hand, Guren arrives and teases them before beginning their training. Shinoa discussed how Yu and Kimizuki, the melee-type fighters, would be "knights" to protect the manifestation-type members of the team before they advanced their training and loosened the curses against their demons. Yu explains he is Yu and Shinoa leave in the middle of the meeting with their squad. Yu and Shinoa go to the roof while he thinks about the experiment. Shinoa brings up her so-called "knights." Yu mentions looking west but does not explain that Mika should be in that direction.
Kimizuki only makes cracks about Yu's hair in the beginning. Kimizuki keeps teasing Yu about his bedhead.
Krul is standing when Mika attacks her. The vial breaks dramatically. Krul is sitting on her throne when Mika attacks her. The broken vial is shown afterward.
Mika wipes off his own mouth. Krul does not say anything about him being unable to drink her blood forever. Mika asks for a slightly larger stock rather than more stock, which demonstrates that he requires more of her blood than before. Krul teases him for already breaking one of the vials by being so rough with her. He looks up at her sheepishly. She orders him to report about the attack against the Shinjuku humans, and he demands an explanation about what went on during the Progenitor Council meeting. He brings up the Hyakuya orphanage and provides the explanation she gave him. Krul talks to him right there instead of ordering him to her chambers. Krul wipes off Mika's own mouth before he does. Krul reminds Mika that he cannot live off of her blood forever and warns him about a day that will come. Mika requests more stock instead of a larger stock. Krul does not tease Mika. Krul orders him to go to her chambers. The rest of their conversation is now shown, and Mika only asks him about Yu.
Mika never charges at Krul, and she never calls him her pet. She brings him to his knees by intertwining her fingers with his and piercing her fingernails through his hand and making him bleed. She tells him she can easily extinguish a life as puny as his and that he is dependent on her blood. She addresses him as her tool. She asks if he will abandon Yu to his fate when human foulness is not limited to only one group. Echoing Guren's statement to Yu previously, Krul tells Mika to believe her. She says she is his savior, surrogate parent, and owner. She says he would have died years ago in that orphanage if not for her. She mentions going about her orders from the council since she has finished appeasing her "self-centered little son" after she explains her goals to him. Mika moves to grab Krul when he asks her about Yu, and she calls him her pet. She twists his hand to bring him to his knees. Most of the conversation is not shown.
Krul tells Mika to protect his family from both vampires and humans. She tells him to "get lost" during the chaos and hide. Krul mentions hiding Mika and Yu from the vampires and humans. Krul calls this a "secret mission." She warns Mika that the whole world will turn on him if he fails.
Not shown. She talks about someone needing her while sparing with Guren after he flings Yu off the rooftop. Shinoa meets with Guren while he is planning his battle strategy. She talks about someone needing her.
Mika meets the other vampires during the daytime on the surface. Mika meets them by the planes in the anime-only plane docking area.
Mirai Kimizuki is not shown until after the Moon Demon Company is in Nagoya, and she is being transported in the air. She screams and begs for Kureto's scientists to end it and kill her already until wings sprout from her back. There is no strange black mist. Mirai is shown already. The experiment is taking place in the base instead of in a carrier transport. She exudes some black mist and does not scream like in the manga. She appears still and unresponsive.

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