Arrogant Love is the eleventh episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the twenty-third overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

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The remnants of the Moon Demon Company arrive at Nagoya Airport, but there are no helicopters waiting for them. Mito Jujo finds a direct in the flight control room telling them to stand by. The soldiers argue and eventually decide to abandon the mission and rescue Guren instead.

Meanwhile, vampire nobles beat Guren until Mahiru takes over and slaughters one. He and Krul act out a fight, and he reveals that the testing grounds is at the airport. He mocks her, telling her that she has no choice but to continue.

Helicopters arrive at Nagoya, and Aoi Sangu and Kureto Hiragi step out. He orders the Moon Demon Company to put down their weapons and relax before slaughtering all of them with the exception of Shinoa Squad, who was prepared, Makoto Narumi, who was protected by Shinoa Squad, and Ichinose Squad, who was spared.

Yu appears in time to defend Shinoa, and Mika says he knew they should not have come. The vampire army arrives and confronts Kureto's troops. Ichinose Squad defends Shinoa Squad, Makoto Narumi, and Mika to help them escape while chaos ensues around them.

Yu moves ahead and encounters Guren, who states he is glad Yu is alive before suddenly swinging down his sword at Yu.

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Differences with the Manga Edit

Manga Anime
Rika uppercuts Shinoa in the face. Rika slaps Shinoa's face.
Goshi does not know about the chopper. There is no directive. Goshi mentions the chopper. Mito finds a directive telling them to stand by.
Makoto rants about their suicide mission and what they should do while Shinya reveals that a helicopter was supposed to be waiting for them. Not shown.
Shigure and Sayuri begin leaving to rescue Guren first. Makoto and a few other soldiers begin leaving to rescue Guren first, and Shigure and Sayuri join them.
Makoto talks about obey Guren alone and not dying for Shinya. He complains about the Hiragi. When Goshi asks Shinya for orders, Shinya wonders whether Guren wants him to protect the mission or their lives. When Makoto demands an answer, Shinya tells him to shut up and abandon the mission. The only part shown is Shinya telling them to abandon the mission.
Does not occur. Narumi pushes Shinya against the fence.
The corpses are lined face-up in rows. Crowley picks up Yayoi to look at her face. The corpses are still scattered about.
The noble beating up on Guren has no goatee. There is only one. A noble with a goatee beats up on Guren while a noble with a mask watches.
Guren recalls Yu yelling him about being an adult and setting a good example while he is getting beaten. Not shown.
Mahiru simply takes over as she pleases and interrupts Guren mid-sentence. Mahiru talks to Guren before taking over and kisses him. She points out that Guren does not even have the strength left to resist her.
Krul only has a pair of pigtails while the rest of her hair is down. The hair that is down in the manga is pulled into a third ponytail.
Krul mocks Guren's display of power and triumphant expression. Not shown.
When Krul orders the vampires to depart, Ferid tells Crowley to stay close to him at all times or else he will be killed. Not shown.
Military vehicles pull up. Yoichi does not prepare to shoot them. Helicopters pull up, and Yoichi prepares to shoot at them.
When Kureto comes out of the vehicle, those who knew him beforehand (Shinoa, Shinya, Ichinose squad etc.) Were surprised. The Ichinose Squad were not surpised.
Kureto glances at Shinya, who was clutching his injured chest, before annoucing his name. Kureto does not spare Shinya a glance until Shinya walks up to him and asks him what he's planning.
Kureto is standing on the ground and is the one to use Raimeki to smack Byakkomaru out of Shinya's hand. Both Kureto and Aoi are on a metal stand. When Shinya was about to attack Kureto, Aoi appears before him with her hands on her sword, ready to draw the sword and fight against him.
Kureto asks for Makoto's name. Shinya orders him not to tell. Kureto does not ask for Makoto's name. The dialogue is drastically shortened.
The chains appear from the ground and have spear tips. The chains consist of linked bars of about a foot long each instead of actual chains. They appear from the metal crate instead of from the ground.
Makoto shows no signs of having the ability to create a shield with Genbushin. Makoto summons a shield with Genbushin.
The sacrificed soldiers are stringed up in the air. Shinoa mentions this is yet another human experiment. Shinoa orders them to take their curse stimulant pills and retreat. Rika's death is shown more. The soldiers are still on the ground.
Yuu defends Shinoa from behind her. She is surprised to see him. Yuu grabs Shinoa's wrist and defends her from the front. She is not as surprised as in the manga.
Yu does not confront Kureto but instead asks Shinoa for orders. Yu confronts Kureto.
Yu and Mika fight back-to-back after Yu defends Shinoa. Mika approaches the group after Yu defends Shinoa and does not fight back-to-back with Yu.
Shinoa Squad, Makoto, and Mika decides on their retreating formation. Mika says he can block such slow chains himself, and Yu scolds him about teamwork and tells him to trust him. Yu, Mika, and Shiho Kimizuki block the chains together. Kureto says he wants the black demon users for himself but says that their owner will dispose of them. When the vampires arrive, Makoto comments that the vampires pick now, of all times, to appear. Not shown. Kureto only notices Yu.
Shinya tells the children that Ichinose Squad will help them escape Goshi tells the children that Ichinose Squad will help them escape.

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