Demon's Lullaby is the eighth episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the twentieth overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

Short Summary Edit

Shinoa Hiragi Squad attacks Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle, and Horn Skuld in an attempt to rescue Guren and Shinya. With Ichinose Squad's help, they retrieve Shinya but are unable to rescue Guren and must abandon him.

Meanwhile, Seishiro attempts to arrest Kureto when he realizes Kureto has his own itinerary, and Aoi Sangu eliminates Seishiro's soldiers.

Yu disagrees on the orders and defies them by eventually taking two more pills. He vomits blood and bleeds from his eyes before collapsing.

Mika reaches Crowley's territory and slaughters the vampires accompanying him.

Long Summary Edit

Differences with the Manga Edit

Manga Anime
Crowley's counter strike at Yu cuts much closer to Yu's neck, and Kimizuki barely manages to stop it in time. Yu does not come as close to losing his head.
Tenjiryu can only summon dummies and not engulf anyone in flame. Crowley ignores them when they appear. Tenjiryu engulfs Crowley in flames.
Not shown. Crowley uses Guren as a shield in order to stop Yu from attacking.
Chess and Horn defend Crowley but do not attack anyone. Chess uses a whip while Horn uses a lance. They tear apart more of Tenjiryu's dummies but do not clash directly against any of the humans. Chess fights using a sword while Horn uses a whip. They fight Yu and Shinoa briefly.
Chess and Horn only hit the dummies. Shinoa protects Yu when Chess and Horn attack.
When Shinya takes over and orders a retreat, Guren commands Goshi to rescue them. Goshi complains about Guren spoiling it. Shigure, Sayuri, and Mito jump in through the windows, and Guren orders them to abandon him and save the others. When his aides, Sayuri and Shigure dislike the plan, Guren orders Goshi to save them before everyone dies. In the manga, the illusions affect everyone within them, human and vampire alike, so swimming in lava would have been rather difficult. The lava comes up to Chess's chest, and she complains about the heat. Ichinose Squad takes the opportunity to flee instead of fighting Crowley. Ichinose Squad does not appear all at once but hides in the illusion of flames and lava. They attack Crowley directly.
Not shown. Crowley beats up on the captured Guren.
The manga specifically mentions angels while Kureto is preparing in Shinjuku. The anime only mentions experiments.
Seishiro arrives with five other soldiers. Aoi and another one of Kureto's soldiers kill them. Seishiro attempts to arrest Kureto with only two soldiers. Aoi kills them off by herself.
When Kureto draws his sword on Seishiro, Seishiro falls backward onto the ground and begs for his life. Seishiro does not fall back and cry for mercy but rather only falls to his knees once Kureto is done with him.
Kimizuki grabs Yu's arm, but Yu does not fight against his comrades. Yu keeps struggling against Shinya when Shinya forcefully removes him from the fight.
Shinya talks about coming home victorious. Shinya makes a brief speech about not losing people.
Only Sayuri cries while Mito and Shigure hold back tears. Shigure, Sayuri, and Mito cry.
Yu lived in an undecorated apartment room. The lights are off, and moonlight lights the room. Guren talks about living for revenge. In the flashback, Yu has two lamps and books in his room. It appears different from the manga. Guren talks about living to kill vampires.
After leaving Yu's room, Guren mentions how Yu's parents called him devil spawn and looks at a stack of papers on the Seraph of the End Project. Not shown.
Yu stays on his feet and becomes tearful, but he does not sit in a corner and cry on the floor. Yu pouts on the floor and both Ichinose Squad and Shinoa Hiragi Squad wait before proceeding to the next part of their mission.
Yu pops the two pills before Shinoa can grab him. The drug takes effect too quickly for the other soldiers to try anything. Yu struggles against Shinoa to take the two pills. Mitsuba hits him, and the boys attempt to make Yu spit them out.
Mika kills the five vampire soldiers accompanying him while they are still in the chopper on the way to Crowley's domain. He kills them without warning and does not give them the opportunity to defend themselves. Their blood splashes on him, and he smiles, stating that he finally found Yu. He is not shown on the ground until he intercepts the Moon Demon Company's escape route in a later chapter. Mika arrives in front of Central Hall and kills the five vampires accompanying him while in front of the empty crosses. He does not kill them with a heartless smile. He then goes wandering to find Yu.

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