Nix Parthe (?・パルテ, ? Parute) is a Third Progenitor among the vampires. He is a member of the Progenitor Council.

Note: This character's name was originally published as Gabel Parthe (ガーべル・パルテ, Gaberu Parute) in both the Jump SQ and English WSJ magazines. It was changed in the official volumes.

Appearance Edit

Given by his vague silhouette, Nix appears to have long dark hair and horns. He wears a pointed mask.

Personality Edit

Like all vampires, he is very prideful and arrogant, even more so with his rank as a third progenitor. He became infuriated when Ferid summoned an urgent call for the Progenitor Council, calling the others low-ranked Progenitors and daring to call the high Progenitors.

However, he seems to hold respect for others that are of similar rank. When Lest told him to shut up, stating Ferid is now the most powerful vampire in Japan with Krul dethroned and telling him to watch his words before he speaks, Nix humbly agreed with him.

Story: Vampire ReignEdit

Post-Nagoya Arc Edit

An urgent call is made for the progenitor council. As protocol states, all progenitors ranked sixth and up are summoned.

The call is revealed to be made by Ferid Bathory, the seventh progenitor residing in Sanguinem. When Nix learns that it was Ferid who summoned the meeting, he taunts the other for being a low ranked progenitor and is infuriated that he dared to call them. He is shortly afterwards silenced by Lest Karr, the latter stating that with Krul dethroned, Ferid is the next highest ranking vampire in Japan. He reminds Nix to watch his words before he speaks, which Nix humbly agrees with.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

As a vampire, Nix is naturally far stronger and powerful than a human. This means that he also has immortality, immense strength, eternal youth and rapid regeneration.

Being a third progenitor as well as a member of the Progenitor Council, he is one of the most powerful vampires worldwide; he is also stronger than vampires who are of a lower rank.

As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires.




  • Gabel has several different meanings. In one case, it is the German/Jewish (Ashkenazic) occupational name for a maker and seller of pitchforks. It is also the topographic name for someone who lived near a fork in a road or river, or owned a forked piece of land. Another possibility is the habitational name from any of the places called Gabel in Germany but in particular, the town in Bohemia. It is typically used as a surname.


  • "What? You are not even a member of this council, and yet you dared call for it to be convened?"--Nix Parthe to Ferid Bathory, Chapter 42, "Sanguinem's End"
  • "HOW DARE YOU! YOU, A MERE SEVENTH PROGENITOR--"--Nix Parthe to Ferid Bathory, Chapter 42, "Sanguinem's End"



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