Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (Book 7) is the seventh and final book of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series, which includes Guren's past with Mahiru and his encounter with many characters of the manga sequel, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign.

It will be a single release in English.


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3 Days until the end of the world. Guren, Shinya, Goshi, Mito, Shigure and Sayuri are all in a minivan. Guren contemplates what others would do if they knew the world was going end and wonders how the world will end on Christmas day. With the help of his friends, he hopes to stop the end of the world and put a stop to Mahiru, as she is playing a large role in what is to come.

He phones Mahiru and agree to cooperate with her and betray the Hiragis. Mahiru tease Guren and says he is too late and Guren gets concerned that Mahiru has lost interest in him. They then tell each other they love them. Mahiru is happy because the call is be tapped, so the Hiragis will be aware of Guren's betrayal- which also mean the betrayal of the Ichinose family. Mahiru laughs and tell Guren she loves him. Mahiru figures out that his friends were listening in on the call. This make Mahiru happy because that means Guren's friends also want to betray the Hiragis, so the Goshi and Jujo clans will also join in the revolt againist the Hiragis. Guren has realise he has been played by Mahiru, also realises that some of the information that Mahiru has given them about other clans betraying the Hiragis may or may not be true. The situation with the Hiragi family being betrayed has lead to lack of trust, which was not good with a war going on.

Goshi and Mito both get phone calls relating to them possibly betraying the Hiragi family. Guren continues to talk on the phone to Mahiru and tells her he will persuade Goshi and Mito to get their families to join Mahiru. Guren asks to meet up with her, but is told she is busy and it's a secret what she is doing but it involves killing Kureto. Mahiru says she will contact him once she has killed Kureto and ends the call.

A car chase then ensues with Goshi at the wheel of the minivan and Shinya defending them from twenty enemies behind them. Goshi and Mito keep receiving calls from their families and Guren tries to reassure them that there families won't be hurt. Goshi says if he wasn't with Guren he would have already stopped the car and Mito says that the world going to be destroyed the day after tomorrow anyway. Guren then receives a phone call from Sayuri's father asking if Guren is really in rebellion of the Hiragis and what are his order for the Emperor's Moon. Guren comfirms that it is true, which makes Sayuri's father happy because the day of revenge has come sooner than he thought. Goshi is told by Guren to pick up speed as the enemies are gaining on them. Guren hears the battle in Aichi has already began in the background of his phone call with Sayuri's dad. Guren hangs up the phone and Sayuri wanted to know what her father said and Guren tell he is pleased and Sayuri smiles. The member's of the Emperor's Moon can finally take revenage for the death of Sakae Ichinose, Guren's father.

Goshi then drives througha red light on Shinya orders. Guren protects the unconscious Shinoa with his cursed weapon from an enemy attack. Guren jumps out killing five enemies, still holding Shinoa. The rest of the group follow Guren in leaving the minivan and Goshi carries Shinoa

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