Humans (人間, Ningen?) are the beings who caused their own demise in experimenting with the Seraph of the End. Many humans are thirsty for power, and thus organizations like the Japanese Imperial Demon Army were created.


Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the world collapsed, the Hīragi Family was the most powerful family in Japan and commanded smaller branches of houses such as the Ichinose, Jūjō and Goshi houses.

Apocalypse Edit

During 2012, the humans released a man made virus, created by the Seraph of the End, into the world. It killed all humans over the age of thirteen and reduced the world's population by 90%. A few humans over thirteen survived the epidemic thanks to a vaccine that was developed using modified curse techniques.

Post Apocalypse Edit

After the apocalypse, the human species was yet again threatened by strange monsters called the Four Horsemen of John who began killing off the remaining humans. Vampires then appeared from the earth's dark recesses to save as many humans as they could as human livestock out of concern for their drastically diminished food supply.

However, mankind would not give up so easily. In response to the above as well as the decline of the human population, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army was formed.

Human (Magic) Organizations Edit

Japanese Imperial Demon ArmyEdit

Lead by the prestigious Hīragi Family, the JIDA is a military group with the task of dealing with supernatural tasks in Japan. It is comprised of many elite units, such as the Moon Demon Company. After the Apocalypse, their goal is to rally together all human survivors, and snatch back supremacy from the vampires.

The JIDA hides many dark secrets such as human experimentation and is delving into forbidden arts and magic, i.e. the Seraph of the End.

Hyakuya Sect Edit

Formerly the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights, they were another prestigious magic organization in Japan that rivaled the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. The Thousand Nights and the JIDA fought for dominance over the country for many years which ended with the Thousand Nights prevailing thanks to the aid of the United States after World War II.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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