Japanese Imperial Demon ArmyEdit

Special Private Shiho KimizukiEdit

A special private in the JIDA, under the Moon Demon Company, whom Kiseki-o forms a contract with. He describes Shiho as ugly, young, and naive, but he claims to like him. Their battle for control can be violent. He often creates illusions with Shiho's sister in order to break Shiho's will.

Yūichirō HyakuyaEdit

Kiseki-o used his ability to restrain Yu from being overtaken by his demon.

Other HumansEdit

Mirai KimizukiEdit

Shiho Kimizuki's invalid younger sister. She was infected by the Apocalypse Virus even though she was younger than 13, and Kimizuki has taken care of her since then. This has been very stressful for Shiho, and she even wanted Shiho to kill her back then. She is currently under JIDA's care. Kiseki-o often takes her form to torment Shiho.

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