Ky Luc (キ・ルク, Ki Ruku) is a Fifth Progenitor among the vampires thus making him a member of the Progenitor Council. He comes to Japan from Europe as part of Urd Geales and Lest Karr's army. He is one of the high-ranking progenitors to be sired by the First Progenitor.

Appearance Edit

Ky has light, short hair parted to the sides, the side bangs on his left are longer than the right. He dresses in a similar attire matching that of Lest Karr, but without a hat.

Like all true vampires, he has red eyes, pointed ears, and fangs.

Personality Edit

Ky seems to possess a laid-back but cautious sort of attitude. When ordered to oversee Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes's exposure punishment, he says that controlling a third progenitor is beyond him, but he concedes when Urd Geales assures him there will be no trouble.

He taunts Ferid before cutting off his UV light guard and does not hesitate when Ferid asks him to stop. Unlike with Ferid, he politely informs Krul before beginning her torture as well.

He does not appear to be distressed at all when torturing Krul and Ferid, and he does so with a smile on his face.

Later however, whether or not in a serious manner, he comments about becoming a little nervous as he thinks he may have been assigned the nastiest job compared to the other vampires that also arrived in Japan with him.

Story: Vampire ReignEdit

Osaka Arc Edit

As Urd Geales and Lest Karr brings back the captured Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory, the two Japanese vampires are ordered to be burned on crosses in the sunlight. As Urd explains the punishment, he orders Ky to oversee it. Ky agrees that Ferid should be punished by being tortured in the sunlight, but he hesitates about Krul, stating that a third progenitor's power is too much for him. Urd says there should not be a problem, and Ky delays no longer. Both vampires are tied to crosses.

Ky then proceeds to wield his sword and destroy Ferid's armband that protects him from the sunlight. In a second, the Seventh Progentior bursts into flames. The Fifth Progenitor then moves on to Krul, allowing the Queen to also burn in the sun. He smiles as they scream.

He sits under Ferid's cross still with a smile as Krul and Ferid burn. Some time later, Ky Luc took notice that Ferid moved when the latter saw Mahiru Hīragi, who turned up to investigate the scent of the burnings. Ky questions what Ferid did, and refuses to believe Ferid's words that he did nothing as Ky says he felt something bad. Though still unable to perceive Mahiru, Ky senses her again and figures that it's a ghost. Though to be safe, he pulls out his sword to slice at the spot that Ferid gazed at. No longer sensing the bad feeling, Ky wondered if he killed it before hearing the distant sound of a car engine; contemplating on whether he should leave his post to investigate, and to ask Ferid and Krul if this is a clever trap from one of them. Ky ultimately decides to wait and see by remaining at his post.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Ky Luc Chapter 55 - 05

Ky demonstrated his strength and power as he tries to get rid of Mahiru, whom he cannot see.

As a vampire, Ky is naturally far stronger and powerful than a human. This means that he also has immortality, immense strength, and rapid regeneration.

Being a fifth progenitor as well as a member of the Progenitor Council, he is one of the more powerful vampires worldwide; he is also stronger than vampires who are of a lower rank.

As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires.


A sword wielded by one hand. It appears to be compact into a ring that encases his forearm when he twirls it.


  • "Huh? Me, my lord? I can handle Ferid... but a third progenitor may be a bit beyond me..."--Ky Luc to Urd Geales after being ordered to oversee Ferid and Krul's exposure torture, Chapter 51, "Crucifying the Immortal"
  • "Ready? Let's go. First, I'll break the UV Light guard ring on your wards."--Ky Luc to Ferid Bathory, Chapter​​ 51, "Crucifying​ the Immortal"
  • "Yikes! Wow. You successfully survive all these centuries only to end up getting sentenced to eternal torment. I must admit I'm curious. How does that feel for you?"--Ky Luc to Ferid Bathory, Chapter 51, "Crucifying the Immortal"
  • "You lie. I know because I had a bad feeling."--To Ferid Bathory, Chapter 55, "Coffins of Obsession"
  • "Sheesh. Is this little bit of cleverness the trap you set? Ferid Bathory? Or was it the queen, perhaps? Boy, I'm starting to feel a little nervous. It's starting to look more and more like I got stuck with the nastiest job of all. I guess I should just wait and see..."--To Ferid Bathory, Chapter 55, "Coffins of Obsession"



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