Vampires Edit

Urd Geales Edit

A second progenitor who is the current strongest of the vampires excluding the 1st progenitor. He sentences Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory of 10 days of sunlight exposure and puts Ky Luc in charge of their punishment. He follows Urd's orders due to his higher rank.

Krul Tepes Edit

A thrid progenitor and the former queen of Japan. The second progenitor Urd Geales puts Ky Luc in charge of Krul Tepes's punishment for meddling with the Seraph of End. Despite being in charge of administering her punishment, he speaks to her respectfully likely due to her higher rank.

Ferid Bathory Edit

A seventh progenitor who Urd Geales puts Ky Luc in charge of his punishment for letting Sanguinem fall. Ky Luc mocks him, likely due to his lower rank.

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