Livestock Revolt is the fifth episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the seventeenth overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

Short Summary Edit

Shinoa and Narumi Squads discuss their mission to exterminate Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker. Meanwhile, Shinya and Yoichi wait from their sniping point, and Shinya calms Yoichi's nerves.

Lucal Wesker and his servant Esther discuss Krul Tepes's orders and debate whether they should obey. Sensing an attack, Lucal Wesker throws Esther in the way to use him as a meat shield to protect himself, and Esther perishes.

Shinoa and Narumi Squads attack with Yu taking the lead. They battle, and Kimizuki is able to taunt Lucal Wesker enough to make him run to them. They severely injure him, and Yayoi Endo attempts to finish him off. Taking hir sword, Lucal Wesker refuses to die by a human's hands and kills himself instead.

Underground, Ichinose Squad struggles to defeat Nineteenth Progenitor Mel Stefano but eventually wins. Private Kusunoki reaches them and reveals that all forty-five soldiers at City Hall were defeated by Crowley Eusford. Only nineteen of them were killed, and the remainder are held hostage. Goshi provides a comforting illusion for Kusunoki as Kusunoki passes away.

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Differences with the Manga Edit

Manga Anime
Yu asks how long it is until they can begin. Shinoa and Narumi Squads have only ten minutes before the mission start. Shinoa uses her pocket watch to check this. The mission is set to begin at 1400. Yu does not ask about time. They have twenty minutes. The pocket watches are not shown. The mission is set to begin at 1415.
There is more conversation about Yu learning manners and how to be polite. When he attempts to interrupt again, Kimizuki and Mitsuba beat him down while Shinoa tells Narumi to pay him no mind. The conversation is shortened.
The mission is explained by Shusaku, but he does not use a map. He adds that they must prevent Lucal Wesker from joining other nobles if they fail to kill him and hold position until Ichinose Squad eliminates Mel Stefano and can reinforce them. The nobles should each be killed within fifteen minutes. Although the other groups have three squads, they only have two squads. The anime shows the explanation with a map. The mission described leaves out some details.
The manga shows Ichinose Squad invading the underground. Not shown.
Yoichi's view is not shown. The anime shows what Yoichi sees as he gets into sniping position.
Yoichi and Shinya are in the open area on the tower. Yoichi and Shinya are inside the tower.
Lucal sits on a bench in a well-kept park. Lucal sits on a bench in a park, but he is not surrounded by trees.
Lucal offers a taste of the blood and says it comes from a four-year-old girl. Esther explains the blood is from a four-year-old girl.
Esther and Lucal discuss Krul more. Lucal is much more offended, and he even drops the glass of blood while discussing the topic and lets it shatter. They discuss the opinions of the other nobles as well, including Crowley Eusford from Ferid Bathory's faction. They mention Krul collecting humans from Kansai to offer as gifts. The conversation is shortened. Lucal does not drop the glass.
Shinoa and Narumi Squads take their pills ten seconds before the mission starts. Kimizuki warns them when they have two minutes left, and Mitsuba tells them to get ready. They take the pills after the sniping attempt.
Yu tells the vampire that he will die. Yu says he will take down Lucal "quietly."
Lucal explains that he was after Yu from the beginning because he is much too powerful for a human. Lucal only says he was after Yu from the beginning after Yu protects Shinoa and leaves an opening.
Lucal destroys Mitsuba's demonic puppets with a swing of his hand. Lucal cuts them with his sword and sends Yu flying as well.
Lucal uses his claws to try and kill Kimizuki from behind. The anime does not show him using his claws.
Kimizuki taunts Lucal about his arm and even goes so far as to ask if vampires can grow them back like a lizard. He says vampires can stick limbs back on, but he wants to know if they can regrow them if he vaporizes them. When The taunting is shortened.
Yu cuts Lucal in half, and Narumi is the one who finishes him off. Yu also gives a speech about how they won because they had friends to help them. Yu only cuts Lucal's chest, and Yu ends up falling to his knees afterward. Narumi orders Yayoi to attack, and Lucal steals her sword when she does so. Instead of letting humans kill him, Lucal uses the weapon to end his own life. The speech is not shown.
Narumi Squad hi-fives each other after killing Lucal. Shinoa tries to get her squad to do it as well. Not shown.
Guren stabs Mel Stefano before slashing him in half. Guren only cuts part of his chest before cutting him in half.
The conversation with Guren after killing Mel Stefano is longer. Guren is the one mentioning getting cocky. Shigure praises Guren's forethought while Sayuri tells him not to push himself so far. Goshi points out how much they are doting on their boss. They mention that Mel Stefano nearly killed Guren eight times. The conversation is abridged. Goshi is the one who says Guren was cocky.
Livestock approaches Ichinose Squad and asks who they are. Not shown.
Thirty soldiers were sent to Nagoya City Hall. Ten were killed and twenty are hostages. Forty-five soldiers were sent. Nineteen were killed and the rest are hostages.
Crowley was one of the two vampire nobles Guren planned on having his soldiers avoid. When he sent squads after Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, Crowley was with them and therefore became their opponent. Guren only added Crowley to the Moon Demon Company's hit list after that. Guren initially sent soldiers after Crowley and was not planning on avoiding him. He adds him to his personal hit list once the first squads fail and are captured.
Crowley waits with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld. He says he hopes things will become more interesting once the humans arrive there. Crowley is only shown sitting at his desk. Chess and Horn are not shown. He does not speak.

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