Order of the Imperial MoonEdit

Guren IchinoseEdit

Mitsuki follows Lord Guren Ichinose and would like to see him topple the Hiragi Clan. She is loyal to him but is reckless and willing to disobey him if she thinks it will help him. She does not think twice about sacrificing herself for him and loses her left hand in an abrupt experiment using Guren's demon-tainted blood.

Sakae Ichinose Edit

Mitsuki considers Lord Sakae a moderate and says that her parent's generation follows him, but she prefers Lord Guren. She wants revenge on the Hiragi after they torture him.

Other Occult ResearchersEdit

The other occult researchers seem to agree with her views and let her speak for them when trying to convince Lord Guren to allow some human experimentation. They are fiercely loyal to Lord Guren.

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