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Latest Chapter
Chapter 39
Chapter 39: The Beginning of the Plan

Mika and Yu head to the Nagoya Airport, and Mika reveals more information on the cruel Seraph of the End experimentation overseas. He convinces Yu to check if Yu's friends are alive from afar and take off if everything is fine. Mika reveals that he may be able to do something about Guren since Krul kept him as a pet and would most likely listen to them.

Krul asks Guren about Mahiru, but he refuses to divulge any information.

Meanwhile, Kureto Hīragi arrives and orders Aoi Sangū to sacrifice the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers for their experiment. Her chains pierce many soldiers, including Rika Inoue and Shusaku Iwasaki, and hang their corpses in the air. Mitsuba and Kimizuki protect Makoto while Yoichi attacks Kureto. Shinoa orders them to retreat, and Yu appears last second to protect her from an attack.

Latest Episode
Episode 18 - Screenshot 273
Episode 18: Sword of Justice

Crowley Eusford tests a Demon Army sword against Chess Belle and suspects a high-ranking vampire traitor has been providing information to the humans.

The surviving human teams regroup. Guren leaves Aiko Aihara's team behind to direct late soldiers to Nagoya Airport while he takes the other squads to rescue hostages.

A few more soldiers arrive at Aiko's location, but vampires suddenly arrive in two large helicopters and capture everyone. Aiko orders them to commit suicide. Mika prevents her from swallowing poison, leaving her as the only survivor. She decides to trust Mika when he address Yuichiro as "Yu" and tells him Yu's location. With Mika acting as her interrogator, she tricks the other vampires into going to the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park. With some persistence, she persuades Mika to kill her.

Mika separates from Lacus and René and takes five soldiers with him to City Hall while claiming to doubt words from a human.

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Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ Owari no Serafu) is the anime adaptation of the Owari no Seraph manga series.

The anime will run in two split cours (quarters of the year) with 12 episodes each: from April to June and then from October to December. The series premiered on April 4, 2015 on Tokyo MX and on MBS, TV Aichi and BS11.

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Promotional Video
Seraph of the End "Battle in Nagoya" Official Trailer (English sub small file size)01:36

Seraph of the End "Battle in Nagoya" Official Trailer (English sub small file size)

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