Raimeiki「雷鳴鬼 lit. Thunder Demon」is a high-ranked, possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series. She formed a contract with Kureto Hīragi and became his Cursed Gear.


Raimeiki manifests as lightning surrounding the blade. In chapter 58, her true form is revealed to be of a young woman with sharp slanted eyes, a black horn protruding from her forehead, and long unkempt hair that is held down by a black wide headband that sits behind her horn with some strands sticking out. As a former vampire, she has pointed ears and fangs, which adds to her wild looking appearance.

Her outfit is the most revealing of the demons so far as her black, extremely revealing dress consists of cloth strips, with two wide enough to cover the front of her breasts while the rest are thinner and tied around her upper arms near the shoulders down to her stomach that goes down to a short mini skirt. She wears a long black scarf, and matching, long, arm length fingerless gloves, while her legs are covered past her knees in what looks like shadow.


Raimeiki loves taunting and mocking Kureto as a possession-type demon. She takes pleasure in when she tells him to abandon all responsibilities and give into his greed and desires, often telling him about his lust for Aoi Sangū. She also easily gives up as shown when she was telling him to stop the sealing of Shikama Doji; tricking him into needing more greed and desires. When Kureto succeeded, she was amused, telling him to keep going.

However, she also stated that she was desperately trying to protect Kureto from Shikama Doji by sealing him, which shows her having some level of concern for Kureto.


Raimeiki's past is unknown, however Shikama Doji seems to know her by greeting her. She is a demon who was sealed and cursed, and formed a contract with Kureto Hīragi as a blade.

Story: Vampire ReignEdit

Post-Shinjuku ArcEdit

During Kureto's interrogation on Yūichirō Hyakuya, Raimeiki is wielded to attack the latter and quickly overwhelms him.

Osaka Arc Edit

Shikama Dōji greets Raimeiki as a long time friend when Kureto uses the blade to stab the six-winged demon. Kureto meets with Raimeiki in his mind.

Forms and AbilitiesEdit

  • Demon's Thrall: Can enter her host's dreams and memories to create nightmares to break the host's will in order to take over his body. This ability can only be used against its host.
  • Basic Form: Takes the form of a black katana with a glowing green streak down the middle.
  • Electricity: Raimeiki is able to enshroud her host with streaks of energy as both a defensive and offensive mechanism. Raimeiki is also able to use electricity to stimulate the muscles and increase speed; however this would tear the muscle fibers apart. When Kureto gave into his desires, Raimeiki gave off lots electricity within Kureto's mind.
  • Shadow Clone: Created one to communicate with Kureto while the real Raimeiki dealt with sealing Shikama Dōji.
  • Sealing: Created a seal within Kureto's mind to seal away Shikama Dōji, but due to him being stronger than Raimeiki, she needed to feed more on Kureto's desires to successfully hold down Shikama.

Quotes: Vampire Reign Edit

  • "You always maintain impeccable self-discipline. And that's why you're so drawn to Guren. That's what made you so jealous of Mahiru. Both of them gave in to their desires so easily."--Raimeiki's shadow to Kureto, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "Ha ha... Daddy dearest did tell you never to trust anyone, didn't he? But trust me now. Just this once... Because right now, the real me... is desperately trying to protect you."--Raimeiki's shadow to Kureto after Shikama Doji enters him, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "Think what you please. I am your demon. Whatever your choice, I will accept it."--Raimeiki to Kureto, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "Aha ha ha! Amazing! This is some amazingly powerful greed. That's it, Kureto. You aren't supposed to trust anyone, but what you desire more than anything is to have someone you can trust. Keep going, Kureto. Fall harder. Give in and accept that you are weak Then, speak what you want aloud."--Raimeiki to Kureto after Kureto decides to rely on Shinya and Guren, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"