Seraph of the End: Beginning of Destiny (終わりのセラフ 運命の始まり, Owari no Seraph: Unmei no Hajimari?) is an TRPG for the PlayStation Vita.


In the "dramatic tactics battle" game, the player's decisions throughout the game will change the ending. Players level up their bonds with comrades on the battlefield by raising their "family level." When the "family level" rank goes up, players experience a "family event" scene. Characters will get special endings if players build trust with them during battle.


Japanese Imperial Demon ArmyEdit

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Narumi SquadEdit

Hīragi FamilyEdit



City GuardsEdit



  • The first print copies of the game came with a download code for a PS Vita theme, a digital illustration gallery, and an interview with the voice cast.

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