Shibuya is the first capital of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. It contains the JIDA's headquarters and is home to many noble families, such as the Hīragi, Ichinose, and Sangū.


The city has been well-kept and appears to be a human city prior to the Apocalypse. It is a city with many buildings, including schools. The Moon Demon Company barracks lie underneath one of the high schools. The city is surrounded by defensive walls that are a few stories high.

The main headquarters of the JIDA are here as well.

Society Edit

Episode 4 - Kimizuki asking Guren about getting the Black Demon Series

Guren's private office.

The society acts similarly to human society prior to the Apocalypse and even has ice cream and schools. This society is completely controlled by the Hīragi family and their subordinate families. Many humans live here in peace.

However, vampire experimentation is performed here, and vampires can escape from their research facilities on rare occasions. Human experimentation is performed extensively, and Second Shibuya High is an experimental ground that exposes the humans in the school to demonic auras. Humans who are possessed are typically killed by the demons or executed by the army while those who have resistance to the demons are used as soldiers. The Moon Demon Company has barracks beneath the high school and trains its soldiers there.

This city has strict population regulations on immigrants but encourages its own soldiers and citizens to proliferate. Even after its soldiers kill off the vampires protecting livestock, the city will not allow any of the livestock entry depending on how full it is and will leave them to the vampires and Horsemen outside the walls.

Known ResidentsEdit


Second Shibuya High ArcEdit

As punishment for disobeying orders, Yūichirō Hyakuya is sentenced to high school until he can make a friend. While there, a weak and starving vampire escapes from a research facility. Yu is able to defend the other students until Guren Ichinose arrives and exterminates the vampire.

In the Moon Demon Company, Yu becomes a special private and trains in their classroom. He joins Shinoa Hīragi Squad after acquiring a Black Demon Series weapon.

Osaka Arc Edit

Kureto stages his coup on Shibuya by using Mirai to attack the city while he goes in to kill his father.


  • A real place in Japan.