Shigama Dōji is a powerful demon that formerly possessed Tenri Hīragi and every head of the Hīragi Family. He reveals himself as the First Progenitor of the vampire race, who disappeared a thousand years ago until turning up again as an angelic looking demon.

Note: For Shikama Doji, go here.


Shigama Dōji's appearance as a vampire is unknown as he wore a flowing cloak with a hood that covered his face in Krul Tepes's flashback.

As a demon, Shigama Dōji appears as a slim, androgynous male with waist length hair with a fringe, and two curled strands that flows down to his front. On his head, he has two white wings curved around the top of his head and two smaller wings hanging behind his ears. Being a former vampire, he has pointed ears though his red eyes and fangs are yet to be revealed.

To emphasize his angelic appearance, Shigama has three pairs of white feathered wings protruding from his back, and wears a drapery style, off the shoulder dress with flowing long sleeves that are attached to the dress with shoulder straps. Tied around his waist is a dress piece, and is barefoot.


Shigama Dōji is shown to be serene with a smile most of the time, due to him being pretty much immortal and near invincible, which makes Shigama unperturbed by threats and the killing of his former host. This knowledge of being near immortal also doesn't let Shigama take anything seriously, which can be seen when Shigama responds to being stabbed by Kureto with a greeting to Raimeiki, the Cursed Gear being driven into his chest.

Near immortality also has Shigama Dōji wanting to die, as he says to Kureto that if the latter manages to kill him, he'll be extremely grateful of that as being unable to die is painful.

As the First Progenitor, Saitō states that Shigama disregarded everyone in the vampire race, except for Ashera Tepes.


1st progenitor

Last seen 1,000 years ago

A long time ago, the First Progenitor sired the vampires of the Progenitor Council and created the laws for the vampire race. Then a thousand years before the events of the whole series, he decides to leave the vampire race.

With Urd Geales and Rígr Stafford as witnesses, he ignored the devastated pleas of Krul Tepes as he convinced Ashera Tepes that he must accompany him to an island some call the 'Land of the Rising Sun' and become a demon "for their future". Before the two left, the First Progenitor comes up with Ashera's new demon name that would fit the language of the island: Asuramaru.

During his thousand year disappearance, the First Progenitor soon became a demon himself known as Shigama Dōji, and would possess every head of the Hīragi Clan for generations.

Story: Vampire Reign

Kureto attacking Shikama

Osaka Arc

Shigama Dōji makes his first appearance after the death Tenri Hīragi, where he leaves Tenri's body as a shadow to appear from behind Kureto Hīragi. Getting Kureto's attention, Shigama declares him the king of mankind, and asks what Tenri said about him. Upon hearing that he was described as an old god, Shigama laughs and says that God was more twisted than himself. Upon being stabbed by Raimeiki, Shigama greets the demon blade like an old friend before being slammed into a building. When Kureto tries to kill Shigama with Abaddon, Shigama commands Abaddon to cease its fire, and the demon stops.

Shigama reveals that he is the reason for the Seraph of the End experiment, and even those won't be able to kill him. He then grabs Kureto and begins to possess him, introducing himself as the first vampire.

Power and Abilities

Natural Abilities


As a vampire, he would possess strength that is much greater than a human, along with having rapid regeneration, and being immortal with eternal youth. As the former First Progenitor, he would be considered the most powerful vampire that has ever existed, even more so than the members of Progenitor Council.


As stronger vampires make stronger demons, Shigama Dōji continues to be the most powerful being in existence upon becoming a demon. It's unconfirmed if he could use the Demon's Thrall like all the other demons.

  • Possession: Basic demon ability, and took control of every head of the Hīragi Family.
  • Near Invulnerability/Immortality: Shigama Dōji has stated that pretty much nothing, not even a Seraph, can kill him. Even after getting stabbed and electrocuted by Kureto, Shigama Dōji still appears to be unharmed.
  • Supreme Angelic/Demonic Command: Shown to have command over Seraphs and demons as he ordered Abaddon and Mirai to cease their attacks.


  • His name has the same Kanji but different Katakana to Shinoa's demon, Shikama Doji.

Quotes: Vampire Reign

  • "It's all right. There is nothing to fear about becoming a demon. I shall stay with you always, even after you have become one."--To Ashera Tepes in a flashback of 1,000 years prior, Chapter 49, "Progenitor's Memory"
  • "Come, it's time we left. You must become a demon. Oh yes, what should I call you once you've become one? Hmm... Since you will be reborn on an island some call the 'Land of the Rising Sun,' let us tweak your name to fit their tongue-- Yes. You shall be called Asuramaru."--To Ashera Tepes in a flashback of 1,000 years prior, Chapter 49, "Progenitor's Memory"
  • "Hello. It seems one who could kill Tenri has finally appeared. So you are the new King of Men."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"
  • "Aha ha ha! Oh, I am not God. He has a far more twisted personality than I."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"
  • "Oh. Hello there, Raimeiki. Welcome home."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi's demon, Raimeiki, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"
  • "If you can, I would be quite grateful if you would. I've been having such trouble trying to die for quite some time now."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi after Kureto says he will kill him, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"
  • "Halt. Goodness. Don't tell me you meant to kill me with that? That is an experiment I have had humans working on for me for quite some time now. It is not yours. Besides, that is not enough to kill me in the first place. Now then... I shall possess you next, Kureto."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi after taking control of the Seraph of the End, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"
  • "My name... is Shigama Doji. I am the first vampire."--Shigama Doji to Kureto Hiragi, Chapter 57, "Defining a King"



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