Vampires Edit

Urd Geales Edit

A second progenitor and the current leader of the Progenitor Council and the vampires. He was more likely the most loyal as he and Saitō used to accompany Shigama Dōji when he was the First Progenitor, and despite Shigama abandoning him and the vampires, Urd continues to uphold the First Progenitor's laws upon becoming leader of the vampires.

Saitō Edit

A former second progenitor, Rígr Stafford was probably loyal to the First Progenitor thousands of years ago as he always accompanied him. Some time after the First Progenitor abandoned the vampire race, Rígr decided to no longer follow the First Progenitor's laws and soon abandoned his position as a second progenitor. He then turns up thousands of years later in Japan, where he disguised himself as a normal looking human named Saitō, and working for the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights. Saitō then aided Mahiru Hīragi in betraying the organization and has since been going off on his own to continue fulfilling his own agenda.

Krul Tepes Edit

A third progenitor of the vampires, whom Shigama utterly ignores and left heartbroken when he disappeared with her brother, Ashera

Lest Karr Edit

A third progenitor of the vampires, who was sired by Shigama

Nix Parthe Edit

A third progenitor of the vampires, who was sired by Shigama

Ky Luc Edit

A fifth progenitor of the vampires, who was sired by Shigama

Demons Edit

Asuramaru Edit

Krul's brother and former vampire sired by the First Progenitor. As vampires, Ashera was the only one the First Progenitor cared about and Ashera looked up to him, even going so far as to call him "Father". He assured Ashera that he would always be with him even after he became a demon.

Raimeiki Edit

A former vampire who once knew the first-progenitor.

Hīragi Family Edit

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