Sword of Justice is the sixth episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the eighteenth overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

Short Summary Edit

Crowley Eusford tests a Demon Army sword against Chess Belle and suspects a high-ranking vampire traitor has been providing information to the humans.

The surviving human teams regroup. Guren leaves Aiko Aihara's team behind to direct late soldiers to Nagoya Airport while he takes the other squads to rescue hostages.

A few more soldiers arrive at Aiko's location, but vampires suddenly arrive in two large helicopters and capture everyone. Aiko orders them to commit suicide. Mika prevents her from swallowing poison, leaving her as the only survivor. She decides to trust Mika when he address Yuichiro as "Yu" and tells him Yu's location. With Mika acting as her interrogator, she tricks the other vampires into going to the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park. With some persistence, she persuades Mika to kill her.

Mika separates from Lacus and René and takes five soldiers with him to City Hall while claiming to doubt words from a human.

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Differences with the Manga Edit

Manga Anime
Horn tells Chess she "killed the poor thing" after Chess accidentally drinks a hostage dry. Horn asks Crowley if that is okay. Horn is playing chess, the game, while looking at Chess, the character, with scorn. Chess asks Crowley if it is okay.
Crowley is reading unidentified reports at his desk and humming to himself. Crowley is reading a report on the seraph in Europe. He does not hum.
Most of the hostages are tied to tall wooden crosses. The appearance of the hostages is not emphasized. The cross have diagonal supports holding up the horizontal beams.
The human dies, and Chess leaves him on the ground. Chess presents the human to Horn while telling her to drink more.
Horn brings up the matter of humans attacking a vampire stronghold. Only Crowley is shown to be suspicious.
Crowley asks to test the demon sword on Chess. Crowley just tells Chess to come to him and then attacks without warning.
Crowley talks about the actions of the humans and his suspicions more. Instead of just monologuing, he talks about it with Chess and Horn. Crowley talks about his suspicious before Horn drinks his blood. Crowley's suspects and suspicious are shortened to Krul, Ferid, or possibly a human. Crowley mentions his suspicions after Horn drinks his blood. Horn asks him what is wrong.
The Demon Army troops regroup in a plaza without a fountain. The soldiers wait on top of and around a large fountain in a plaza.
Shinoa uses military time. It is 14:13, but everyone is supposed to be finished killing their vampires by 14:15. Shinoa says it is now 2:13 pm and the soldiers are supposed to regroup by 2:20 pm. The anime switches uses military time only part of the time.
Yoichi mentions that Ichinose Squad looks "beat" when they come above ground. Yoichi does not say anything.
Guren talks more about the status of their soldiers and gives a report on Nagoya City Hall. He specifies that Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle, and Horn Skuld are there and defeated a thirty-person team. They took twenty as hostages. Since Crowley was not originally one of their targets, this means Guren set up three squads against Chess and Horn each and none for Crowley. Guren orders them to pull themselves together and stay sharp. He says they can grieve later. Guren does not talk nearly as much. Nine squads were defeated at City Hall with twenty-five taken hostage.
Shinya and Guren talk more. Guren mentions crying later. Their conversation is shortened.
Guren says they will attack Crowley for ten minutes and then retreat. He says he will explain while they head to City Hall. Since they have not heard from three teams yet, he orders Aiko to hold position and wait for them, and then she asks to come with him afterward. He orders her to wait for thirty minutes before proceeding to the airport. Guren does not explain his plans. Aiko asks to come with him before he tells her to hold position.
Aiko fires her bow with both feet on the ground. Aiko fires her bow in an unlikely stance with one foot on the ground and one knee up while she aims at the sky.
René and Lacus are the first vampires to land. Mika lands right after them and is in front of Aiko. Mika appears after Lacus, René, and the other vampires have made it to the ground. He appears behind Aiko.
Aiko orders the soldiers to "Do it." Aiko orders, "Code 284."
When Lacus's human dies, he asks, "What's wrong with it?" Lacus asks, "What's going on?"
When Mika takes the poison from Aiko's mouth, he comments about her terrifying loyalty. He speaks to her without covering her mouth at first. He tells her that neither human nor vampire interest him. Mika describes Yu as a boy from the Hyakuya Orphanage who goes by the name "Yuichiro." He never calls Yu "Yuichiro Hyakuya." The conversation is shortened. He covers her mouth before talking. He calls Yu "Yuichiro Hyakuya."
Lacus and René say they do not care whether Mika lives or dies. They say it is Mika's own fault if he gets killed.
Aiko and Mika talk more. She asks Mika to please stop the other vampires from going to Nagoya City Hall. She explains why she decided to trust Mika. He crushes her wrist while she is still talking. Their conversation is shortened. She does not explain why she decided to trust Mika beyond the fact he called Yuichiro "Yu."
Aiko directs the vampires to the Automobile Museum. She says they came in a platoon of fifty. Aiko directs them to the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park, which the vampires complain is far away. She does not give them a number of soldiers.
Aiko raises her bow but does not fire it before Mika kills her. Aiko's attack flies by Mika's head. He kills her after she attacks.
Mika craves Aiko's blood as it drips off his sword after he kills her. He has to turn his head to resist his thirst. Not shown.
Mika mentions that there is no way any organization that forces its people to kill themselves could be on the side of justice. Then, he comments that justice has no meaning in this world. This gives the chapter its title. Mika does not discuss justice.
The faces of the vampires and unnamed soldiers are not shown. Most of them get faces.
Not shown. Yu mentions it is getting cloudy.

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