Japanese Imperial Demon Army Edit

Kureto Hīragi Edit

The next head of the Hīragi clan, Kureto was loyal to Tenri. However in the light novels Kureto learns Mahiru was never a traitor and she worked for the Hiragi so that Shinoa would not be experimented on. Tenri asks if he need to have a hostage for Kureto to ensure his loyalty and has Aoi's leg sniped off. Kureto later decides to kill his father and take his place as the head of the Hiragi clan.

Mahiru Hīragi Edit

The genius who was the next head of the Hiragi clan. She betrays the Hiragi to join the Hyakuya Sect and develop cursed gear. Later Tenri reveals to Kureto that Mahiru was a double agent always on the side of the Hiragi. She continues working for them to ensure Shinoa's safety.

Shinya Hīragi Edit

An adopted son who was Mahiru's fiancée. He looks down on him for not being a Hiragi

Shinoa Hīragi Edit

Tenri's daughter who he discards because she was living in Mahiru's shadow.

Aoi Sangu Edit

Kureto's personal assistant who follows his every order. Tenri has her leg sniped off when asking if Kureto needs a hostage to ensure his loyalty.

Seishiro Hīragi Edit

Tenri's son who is a major general.

Order of the Imperial Moon Edit

Guren Ichinose Edit

The head of the Ichinose clan, Tenri looks down on him and his father, saying the branch family's only use is to be discriminated against.

Sakae Ichinose Edit

Tenri holds him hostage against Guren so that Guren is forced to kill Mahiru. He later has Sakae executed because Guren failed to kill her.

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