The Moon Demon's Orders is the fourth episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the sixteenth overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

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Shinoa Squad travels to the Ebina rest stop, dodging Horsemen as they drive. Shinoa and Mitsuba ditch Yu, and their squad arrives late. Yu takes the blame for making them be tardy.

As punishment, Guren, Mito, and Shinya fight against Shinoa Squad and handidly defeat them. When Makoto Narumi says he cannot trust his lives to those kids, Guren assigns them to be part of Narumi's squad for their mission.

Elsewhere, Mika and Lacus collect stray human children as a gift for vampires in Nagoya. Krul's blood is ineffective at sating Mika's thirst, and he attacks a human child. However, he soon releases her, and Lacus comments about how weird Mika is.

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Manga Anime
The jeep is standard with only a back seat. The driver sits on the left side. The jeep has two rows of bench-like seats in the back facing each other. The driver sits on the right side.
Yu comments about the sky being so blue and says it is hard to imagine the world being destroyed on a day like this. Shinoa says that is hard to believe. Yu mentions that this road (the Tomei Expressway) goes to the Hakone hot springs and asks Kimizuki for confirmation. Kimizuki says he does not know because he did not grow up in Tokyo. When Yu teases him for not knowing where they are going despite being the driver, Kimizuki tells Yu to drive instead. Yu responds eagerly. Kimizuki asks about where they are going, and Shinoa jokes about the Hakone hot springs.
Yoichi spots three horsemen up ahead. Kimizuki says he can probably dodge around them, but Mitsuba says they cannot turn or break suddenly since army vehicles are too valuable to wreck. When Yoichi volunteers to kill them, Yu insists on doing it instead and jumps to kill them himself. There are many more horsemen, and Kimizuki has to swerve around them. They were not spotted in time. Yu jumps out later. No one says anything about wrecking army vehicles.
After they pick up Yu 10 minutes after ditching him, Shinoa greets him by calling him a "pretty lady." She asks if he needs a lift, and he swears he is going to kill her someday. Mitsuba begins scolding Yu about hotheads leaving their team behind, and Yu accepts the scolding until the two girls confess they just ditched him because it was funny. Kimizuki throws the keys to Yu and begins teaching him how to drive because Yu is "extra annoying" when he is bored. When Yu cheers that he is going to bust out his mad driving skills, Kimizuki says he is going to drive safely first. Yu amends his statement by saying he will bust out his safe driving skills and get them there a-okay. Shinoa and Mitsuba acquire robotic expressions and tell Yu to start the engine and get them away quickly. He pauses before driving away and leaving Kimizuki in their dust. Kimizuki draws his swords and summons Kiseki-o's power. As the girls jeer at him, he reaches the jeep and holds his swords at their throats. When they comment that girls will not like him if he behaves like that, he states that he has never given two craps if either of them like him. Yoichi welcomes him back. Suddenly, the girls state this was all Yoichi's idea in the first place. Not shown. Yu does not drive.
After Yu asks Kimizuki about his driving skills, Shinoa briefs them on their mission. Shinoa says that the rest of the Moon Demon Company consists of highly cooperative team players with incredible teamwork. Yu and Kimizuki say they must be mature and responsible people who would never do things like prank their teammates by leaving them behind. Not shown.
Guren enters the rest stop with Shigure and Sayuri. Guren stands outside while they talk.
Ichinose Squad chats more inside of the rest stop. When Goshi tries to get Guren to command Shigure and Sayuri to wear bikinis, Guren asks what the point of swimsuits is and states that the ocean is filled with acid rain. Goshi talks about the ocean not being the only place to wear bikinis and points out that his magazine is the Christmas issues. When Goshi brings up love hotels, Guren tells him to shut up. Twice. The conversation is much shorter.
The engine on the sports car Shinya picked up is covered with sound-muffling tags because it was so loud it kept attracting horsemen. When Guren reminds him that this is a stealth mission, Shinya says he revved the engine just for him. Guren calls the car a "pointless waste" and says it is set so low that it cannot even drive up shallow steps. The tags are not present. Shinya does not make any comment about the horsemen. They do not chat about the car.
Guren gives some words of encouragement while standing on top of the sports car. Shinya and Goshi make fun of him for it, so Guren attacks Goshi. Embarrassed, Guren then demands a different stage for his speech later. Guren does not stand on top of the sports car and is not teased for it.
When Shinoa Squad arrives late, Kimizuki says he will sell Mitsuba and Shinoa out immediately. When Yu asks if they are going to sneak in the back, Shinoa plans to sneak in from the front so they can avoid being caught. Her squad informs her they will definitely be caught. Not shown. The anime picks up when they are sneaking behind the other soldiers.
Yu says his squad is late because he was learning how to drive. Yu says his squad is late because he killed some horsemen on the way.
After Guren's speech, Shigure passes out the official orders for each squad. Not shown. It is implied that Shigure passes out the official orders after the mock battle.
Only Shinoa and Mitsuba insist they should be the ones punished. All of the squad members want to attend Yu's punishment with him for "collective responsibility."
Shigure makes an ultra-serious expression when summoning Yu and says that the lieutenant colonel is furious. Not shown.
Yu chats with Guren and Ichinose Squad more. Guren asks if Yu's squad is feeling like family, and Guren says he likes his new attitude. He says the only thing that used to be on Yu's mind was revenge. Shinya asks what Guren thinks of his squad and asks if they are his family. Goshi joins Shinya in teasing Guren, and Guren eventually orders Sayuri to "shut Goshi up." She sends him flying across the room after Goshi requests a headlock. When Yu asks Guren if those people are Guren's friends, Guren confirms it. When Yu is the one to ask if they are family, Guren hesitates before asking if he really has to say it out loud. Shinya teases him. Mito reveals they have been partnered with Guren since they were fifteen years old. Yu realizes they were together for nine years and asks why they would be in a squad before the world was destroyed. Since they were older than thirteen then, Yu also asks how they survived the virus. Sayuri says she already taught him about that in class and says they used a vaccine. Yu realizes that Sayuri is his teacher. He also realizes that Shinya was with Kureto. When Shinya asks if Yu has improved, Yu says he could probably win this time. Shinya says he is adorable when he acts tough, just like Guren at his age. Mito asks Guren who Yu is and says it is strange he would let a subordinate talk to him like that. Guren orders Yu to be more respectful. Shinya asks Guren to be more respectful during meetings and says he has to smooth things over afterward. Guren tells Shinya to return to Shibuya since he is a nuisance, but Shinya says Guren wants him there. The scene is drastically shortened. Yu recognizes Shinya quickly.
Goshi starts an illusion of a naked Yu crying with a set of thin bricks on top of his folded legs. Yu is embarrassed, and Guren orders Goshi to make the illusion beg for his mommy. Goshi makes the illusion beg for his mommy and keep saying that he peed his pants. Yu is mortified and asks Guren to stop. Guren calls the illusion a perfect representation. Shinoa Squad dashes in, and Shinoa quickly notices that this is an illusion. She cuts through it. Only Shinoa Squad's reaction is shown. The illusion shows Yu tied up over a burning flame and screaming about the heat.
When Guren challenges Shinoa Squad to a mock battle, Mito is says they need to remind those rookies of their place. When Shinya comments about Shinoa Squad having three Black Demons present, Mito is alarmed. Shinya says they will look impressive if they win. Not shown.
Everyone goes outside for the mock battle. Kimizuki points out Guren has detailed reports on everything they can do, but they do not know anything about them. Yu says Shinya uses a gun. Shinoa orders Yoichi to handle Shinya but says he also uses a Black Demon. Shinoa explains her ability is to detect anything that comes within the attack radius of her scythe, and she will take out anything Yoichi fails to shoot down. Mitsuba explains that her axe can spawn multiple weak demons and attack with them, but they are only good for decoys. Shinoa makes a large circle with her scythe and orders them to stay within that circumference. Yu and Kimizuki do not have time to explain their abilities. Guren, Mito, and Shinya come out, attracting a crowd excited for some rookie hazing. The battle is inside, and Shinoa had more time to carefully give out orders. They also have time to station themselves inside the rest stop. However, no one's abilities are explained, and the detailed plan is not given.
Mito wears standard white gloves. She punches through Mitsuba's decoy demons easily. Mito wears gloves with orbs on the back to fight in.
The mock battle is faster and more decisive. Kimizuki does not have the opportunity to fight Guren. The battle takes some more time. Kimizuki fights against Guren, but Yu soon has to take Kimizuki's place.
Shinya opens the fight by using a special attack with Byakkomaru. He shoots in one direction, and the tiger appears behind the location where he shot. This catches Yoichi and Kimizuki off-guard and makes them watch their backs for the rest of the battle. At the end, Shinya explains that he can only use that attack once, but Shinoa Squad was unable to regroup after it. Shinya opens up the battle by firing a tiger downstairs. It attacks all of the locations where Shinoa Squad is hiding. Shinya neither uses nor explains his special shot.
No vehicles are involved. During the mock battle, Guren ends up cutting the sports car in half, which Shinya says is cruel.
The explosion tag never actually explodes. The tag bursts into a plume of smoke on Yu's face.
Only Mitsuba is sent to the ground by the end of the mock battle. Yoichi and Kimizuki jump in to attack Guren too late, and he says their squad is already done for. Yoichi, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba all end up on the ground by the end of the mock battle.
Guren introduces Shinoa Squad as sixteen-year-old newbies. Since Yu tricked Narumi earlier into think Yu was twenty, Narumi becomes irritated and scolds them. Narumi Squad encountered Yu, Kimizuki, and Yoichi earlier, and Narumi introduced them. Guren only introduces them as newbies. All of the age jokes are left out.
After the mock battle, Shinoa Squad discusses their loss with Ichinose Squad. After chatting with Narumi, who reminds them to pack their diapers, they talk about the upcoming battle and their teamwork. When Shigure orders everyone to form up into their groups, Yu talks to the sky and says they are headed to Mika. Not shown. Only Yu says he is thinking of how to win next time.
Narumi Squad and Shinoa Squad already knew they were going to work together once they received their assignment from Shigure. Guren rearranges the squads to have Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad work together after Narumi complains about trusting the newbies.
Lacus chases a girl who trips, and he lifts her to his mouth to take a sip of her blood but accidentally kills her. Mika desires blood and says this means he is no longer human. Mika says he thought Lacus said they do not kill livestock. Lacus says he enjoys drinking blood so much that he forgets to stop before his prey dies. Lacus says that city guards like them only have the chance to drink from the source while outside. Mika says he does not need any, and Lacus comments on Mika's teeny appetite. When Lacus tells this to René, René says it is fine as long as he does his job, which is currently herding livestock to take as presents to Nagoya. Lacus intentionally kills a child, and Mika does not say anything about it. Mika's thoughts are not shown. City guards are not mentioned, and René is not shown at all in this episode. The conversation is much shorter. Mika says he does not desire blood, and Lacus does not believe it.
Not shown and never took place. Mika has a flashback of Krul saying "that day" will come before he goes mad over his thirst.
When Mika is struggling with pain from thirst, Lacus approaches him again and tries to convince him to take a sip. He says the nobles in Nagoya have different laws, so they probably will not be free to drink. At this point, Mika says he is not interested in human blood, and Lacus asks what he is interested in.
When Mika attacks a young girl, Lacus smiles and says that Mika will drink after all. However, Mika freezes when he hears that. A hooded vampire tells him to be quick. They have their quota of humans and need to take them to Nagoya. When Mika releases her, she runs crying to her elder brother, who is also very young. The hooded vampires ask if Mika will drink anything, and Mika tells them no. The girl does not cry much or say anything about her brother. No one says anything to Mika.
After the chopper leaves, René says it is time for the three of them to head to Nagoya as well. Mika reflects on not being human anymore and has a discontinued thought beginning about him waiting at least until he rescues Yu from those humans. Not shown.

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