Alright this is just a short blog post since I've been noticing this quite a bit and (frankly) it's bothering me a bit.

For a few characters, namely Gabel, there's an issue with their name (still not officially confirmed whether they are female or male). There has been many variations to their name, ranging from Gable Fatima, to Gable Parthe or Gabel Parthe, while some says the name is actually Nyx Parthe. 

However with the provided kanji that (I assume) is official, then it should be Gabel Parthe as stated. Is Nyx simply a variation from some Japanese translation or...? The most I can understand is Chinese/Mandarin (that being my mother tongue), but I'm still quite confused on how names in Japanese are changed to English following their romaji (?)

Can someone give me a clearer understand or explanation? Like with Urd, originally we thought his name was Waldo Gilles, but turns out to be as it is now, Urd Geales; or with Lest Karr where (I believe?) official sources confirmed it to be Lest Kerr but by popular majority in not only the English fandom but also the Japanese and Chinese and Korean (surprisingly), we've stuck with "Karr" rather than "Kerr". Is this the same issue with Nyx/Gabel's name or...?

Sorry if this sounds confusing haha I should be working on my speech I need to give tomorrow but this is also bothering me so I have to say something about it at least - and wow that was one heck of a run-on sentence. 

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