Hello, everyone!  It's been awhile.  After much consideration, I have decided to only do fact-checking as needed, answering the forumn, admin things as needed, and writing the chapter summaries on the Wiki.  I am not as hyped-up about writing all the pages as I used to be, so I will leave much of that to the other members.

There are two other big reasons for this:

  1. The deviantArt group is keeping me busy.  Since the person previous in charge of managing the fanfic contests retired, I have taken over and am now in charge of twice as many contests.  I also do the news announcements, clean up the folders on there, and do various other things, including editing fanfics.  I originally joined in order to run the contests, but I became the founder when my friend who started the group no longer could access the Internet regularly.  If you're interested, please check it out!
  2. My computer is becoming increasingly slow on sites like this (poor baby), and waiting five minutes to load a page or struggling to save an edit for half an hour is more annoying than I want to deal with every day.  I already write the chapter summaries in a word document and then copy and paste and struggle.  I have similar difficulties on deviantArt, but I think the group there would die without me.

I will still be checking here once or twice a week, although I may gradually come here even less.  I guess it's a semi-retirement.  Let me know if I can help you with everything, and thanks for working with me all this time.


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