Hyakuya Sect Edit

Junji HaiyamaEdit

One of the children living at the Hyakuya Orphanage in Shibuya with Mika, Akane, and Yuki back in 2012 prior to the Apocalypse. Miyuki Yamada (Mahiru Hiragi) "adopts" him when he is four years old, and Mika has to calm him down before he leaves.

Mahiru Hīragi Edit

A member of the Hiragi family who adopted Junji from the Hyakuya Orphanage for experiments while using the alias of Miyuki Yamada.

Akane IidaEdit

Mika's second-in-command and the elder-sister figure of the orphans.

Mikaela ShindoEdit

The charismatic leader of the Hyakuya orphans.


He appears at the orphanage where Akane and Mika grow up.

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